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Software Engineering


Embedded Controller Projects

Embedded controllers have always been our favorite projects. We enjoy the opportunities they provide for working together with the hardware engineers. It is also very satisfying to be able to develop the firmware package in its entirety.

Security Card

Working with our hardware partner, Advanced Logical Design we developed a security device packaged as a MicroSD card. This work was done on behalf of Koolspan. The device has been given the brand name “TrustChip”. It provides a highly secure environment for generating and using encryption keys. The current application is in cell phones. Though the system was very small, working on it was still much like working on any other embedded system.

Laser Controllers

Working with Infinera, we have helped to develop a wide range of laser controller systems, all of which are components of Infinera’s larger backbone communications systems. Infinera has remarkable skill and vision in these control applications. Our role has been to provide the real-time infrastructure of the systems, all communications interfaces, logging facilities, system boot, and the design of the task structure.



I/O Device Drivers and Daemons

When we work with our clients on larger systems, we usually make our contribution at or near the hardware/software boundary.


Working with Phase Matrix, we have designed and implemented the control firmware for a frequency counter. This firmware bears the responsibility of programming the instrument hardware for all of the measurements that it can perform, processing the incoming data stream, and producing high resolution results in double precision floating point. The higher level software for front panel operations and SCPI processing has been written by Matrix’s business partner in this project.


We have helped bring up UBOOT and Linux on several boards. Such porting is often greatly simplified by the existence of reference designs from the manufacturer of the CPU. Nevertheless, each port does present its difficulties, most often in the setup of the high speed memory interfaces, and the detailed sequence of setups and tests.




Hardware Testing

All the engineers in our firm are programmers, but we have always worked very close to the hardware. Everyone in the shop knows how to operate common hardware instruments such as oscilloscopes and logic analyzers. We are all comfortable reading schematics, data sheets and hardware manuals. While these skills were developed in conjunction with our work in embedded controllers and device drivers, some customers seek us out to solely for work in support of hardware development and testing.


We have helped in the development of tests used in manufacturing for several of our clients. In many instances, this was done in conjunction with the implementation of an embedded system or drivers in larger systems. In some cases, though, we have been called upon to develop the manufacturing tests alone.

Logic Analyzer

As an outgrowth of our involvement with logic analyzers and microcomputer emulators, we have developed several inverse assemblers for Agilent logic analyzers.


We helped Guide Technologies develop a functional tester for their sub-nanosecond time measurement system. This work was based on the National Instruments TestStand.



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