Gibbons & Associates, Inc.
Software Engineering

Doing Business with Us

Hourly Services

We provide consultation and programming at hourly rates. Generally, we start our projects with a consulting phase during which we help our client develop specifications. On the basis of these specifications, we can then develop estimates for the remainder of the project. For most projects, the work is done in our own offices. We provide general purpose computers and instrumentation. Our clients provide special purpose or proprietary hardware. Debug and integration project phases often involve work at our client’s site.

Direction and Status

We are in constant contact with our client’s engineering staff, working together on the technical details of our projects. We also encourage our clients to hold weekly status meetings, either in person or via teleconference. This keeps managers at both firms in touch with the projects.

Long Term Support

After formal completion of a project, we remain ready to provide enhancements or other changes as may be necessary to suit changing system requirements. We consider our involvement in a project to be an implied commitment to participate in its future evolution.

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